Let's get a few things straight...

Let's Get A Few Things Straight Right Now - I Have Lost A Lot Of Weight Over The Past Year

I want to make a few things very clear from the outset.

First and foremost, until the last year of my life - weight has been a constant battle for me. If you have followed me on social media for a few years, you know this is the truth and that my weight in the past has been a roller coaster of ups and downs. Anyone who reads this blog and thinks "it's easy for her, she has a great metabolism and is naturally skinny" is DEAD WRONG. You don't know me and the battles I have had with my weight - until now where I have finally found the answers I've been looking for.

I began dieting and exercising when I was 15 years old. All of sudden my weight started to become an issue. I also had a horrific car accident where I was rescued with the "jaws of life", shattered my pelvis in three places and was on crutches for six months - obviously piling on the pounds while sedentary and recovering. Since then, I have busted my butt for ten years on every fad diet and have worked out five or six times per week (many times doing 2 workouts a day!) and often with the best MMA and personal trainers in the world. Regardless of this dedication for ten years - I only just got the body I always worked so hard for - and only in the last 12 months have I finally found the answers that work.